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Today we talk about the most confused and vast used topic whether an organization approaches Traditional strategy or Modern strategy for their product. 

Before jumps into the topic let’s discuss some key points.

  1. What are Traditional and Modern Aspects?
  2. How we can use those techniques.
  3. What are the major advantages and disadvantages of both techniques?

Aspects or we can say techniques.

Traditional Marketing Strategy doesn’t build in one day, Even we can’t imagine that how much old technique it is! Even a caveman also approached this technique to show their skills, attacking strategies to being safe and keep their family safe. History apart, A simple traditional marketing strategy refers to a simple hoarding at some busiest place or at the popular building where most of the people’s eyes go. Okay, this is about traditional what about Modern strategy, is it as same as traditional !!?, or are there any differences, let’s see ahead. We say modern strategy nothing but virtual. In simple words, Digital media, mainly we can differentiate digital media as Inbound and Outbound.

We’ll discuss those techniques later let’s discuss how we can use those strategies and how they help our product to grow and get a good identity in this competitive market. 

Traditional strategies are the basis of any strategy so we can’t compare them with any of the modern internet techniques. Modern techniques also based on traditional techniques, like approaching and targeting the right audience, but process and analytics make differences. For Instances, Take any approach there are countless strategies, but the drawback here is which strategy suits which product or services.

When, Where, and which strategy a big question right?

The answer lies in the last point that we were about to talk that is merits and demerits of each strategy.

Firstly, Traditional is old and it has one of the trusted techniques to which you can’t ignore or you can’t leave them. But the major issue here is we cannot track the analytics, like what are the impressions of that banner, how many customers converted with that banner. In spite of those demerits, traditional marketing strategy is the first and trusted strategy that comes in any businessman, even the Digital media giant “Google” placed their banner in front of each and every branch all over the world.

Secondly, Digital world where we can track, monitor, control, and research how ads or content should be positioned in a giant market. But it also has demerits like, highly depends on technology. I remembered in Dec 2020 most products of Google like Gmail, Youtube, Google Docs, Google Analytics have some glitch in their server which lasts for a couple of minutes, Where IT giants like Google have to face some financial issue. Another major disadvantage in digital media is security and privacy. Giants like Google, Facebook, Whatsapp have to face some legal issues for their Privacy and Policies.

Despite all those demerits we never have to forget that the present Internet and Digital world stood on both of these strategies. Without Traditional banners, flyers, posters, pamphlets no Digital world can stand, and vice versa.

Thanks for taking your valuable time and took interest in one of our latest articles on Traditional and Modern marketing strategies. Apart from the present Corwpare article, we worked on some other niche topics, please like this article and do have a look into those too.

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